5 examples of other vacuum forming features

  • Vacuum forming can also be used produce some custom vacuum formed products with some useful and detailed features. For example:
  1. Nesting & stacking trays
  • The pockets of a sorting or transportation tray can be designed to nest inside each other, saving space and providing a close fitting lid for each pocket at the same time.
  • Stacking trays can be made to securely stack on top of each other thus protecting the components from the weight of the loaded trays placed on top.
  1. Finger recesses, grip features & slots
  • Trays can be made with very tight fitting pockets and grips so that the content in secure.
  • Finger recesses make it easy to get the content out while maintaining protection.
  • Hole can be passed down to move in and achieve an amount, for excuse memory chips.
  1. Embossed or engraved text or images
  • Text features can be very useful for brand promotion, presentation or identification and other purposes.
  1. Snap-shut features
  • Shop-bought sandwich packs are an example of the snap-shut feature. With this feature packaging can be made to hinge and snap shut easily. Clamshell packaging is most often made in very large quantities but tool craft can make small quantities for you if that is what you require.
  1. Colors & effects
  • A range of colors is available.
  • Vacuum formed parts can also be made from plastic sheets with other coatings and finishes.
  • Parts can be made with standard finishes like gloss and matt, but also mirror, pin seal and even carbon fiber effect for some materials.
  • In addition to antistatic grades and UV stabilized grades, items can be made from flocked plastic to improve the appearance of your parts.

Remember that if you’re not able to design the required features within the possibilities of the vacuum forming process, features such as cable holes, slots, apertures, handles and custom shaped outlines can be added to your parts by machining afterwards.

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