Please reference the SINCERE TECH Injection Mold Quoting Specification Guide for steel types required on each new mold.

Steel certifications are required for cavity and core blocks and inserts. State steel supplier(s) to be used at time of quote. All core and cavity steel must be stress relieved after rough machining, unless otherwise specified by China Plastic Mold Sourcing company.

Stamp symbol number of steel on cavities, cores, and inserts. Stamp drawing detail number on all non-catalog items. Identify the top of the mold, mold weight, and stamp number of mold on top and side. Identify water circuits, number in and out. Stamp steel type and hardness on all pieces.

Any welding required on new molds must first be approved by the customer In most cases, this is not allowed.

All plastic mold China must have a minimum of 2” of ejector stroke, but it is the responsibility of the plastic mold builder to design and build an ejector system capable of allowing the parts to fall freely every time, in the automatic cycle, with a single ejector stroke.

All leader bushings to be self-lubrication graphite plug type (DME or equivalent). All leader pins must extend at least ¾” past the highest score.

Provide a sufficient number of mold straps for all parting lines. Provide a third tapped hole for all mold straps so mold strap may be affixed to tool when the tool is in use. Mold strap must be a minimum of 3/8″ thick, must be painted orange, and must be able to pivot freely with no obstacles between the two attachment points. Mold straps and mounting bolts must be large enough to support the mold’s weight. The standard size of 1”-8 is preferred.

Provide threaded eyebolt holes and/or a removable lift bar such that the mold will safely hang level from one point without the use of a sling of any kind. Identify all removable items by stamping with the Maytag mold number.