1. Plastic injection mold Drawings
The vendor should furnish a complete, fully detailed (replacement components only) and checked the set of plastic mold china

plastic mold china drawings, including the following:
(1) A “Bill of Materials” list that includes all components that are used.
(2) A full core and cavity plan view. The location of the tie-bars must be shown and the size of the injection machine specified.
(3) Assembly drawings of the plastic mold china and details showing all components and inserts thru various views and sections.
(4) Slide details and related components (gibs, wear plates).
(5) A core pin detail drawing.

2. Waterline Design
a) The plastic mold china design must include a schematic view of the core and cavity block viewed from the parting line surface with the location and ID of each cooling circuit. Top and operator side must be referenced on the drawing. The view will be placed on the material list (sheet 1).

3. Hot Runner Design
a) If the mold has a hot runner system, the mold design must include an isometric (three-dimensional) view showing and identifying each location of the hot drops and manifold section(s). Also required on the drawing are numerous identification including “top of mold”, “operator side”, manifold source job number.

b) A detailed drawing showing all hot runner components and adequate information for replacement component are required.