Sincere Tech provides of part design, prototype, precision injection mold design, and mold manufacturing in China, we have strong part design and mold design team, all of the part data will be supplied to a selected contractor in 3D stp or igs file, below is the detail information for Injection mold china.

1. All plastic injection mold, of whatever type, is to be designed and documented to the point that a competent builder of this type of tooling can construct duplicate/replacement tooling from the documentation. Copies are to be kept in a place adequately protected from theft or natural disaster that may destroy the documentation, all of the mold components are designed according to customer tool specification.

2. Full-size drawings are preferred (36” wide plotter). And the mold drawing will be approved by the customers Engineering team. Dimensions and notes on half-size drawings must be clearly legible.

3. Title block information must be completed at a preliminary stage, including sheet description, date, and sheet number. This information must be visible when sheets are folded to 8.5” x 11” size.

4. Revisions to be added each time drawings are issued with changes or additions. Note: Whenever details have been changed from drawings previously issued.

5. Centerlines of plastic injection mold and machine, bodyline, work lines, etc., must be clearly shown on all plan views sections, and detail drawings.

6. “Top of Mold” and “Operator side” or another side must be showing on the 2D drawing.

7. Section lines must be on plastic injection mold ejector and cover plan views. Section lines must be clearly visible and not jump all over the view.

8. There must be enough full sections, partial sections, and views to clearly show all the details.

9. Start dimensions from body lines, datum lines, and/or work lines must appear on plastic injection mold design.

10. Parts that are tipped and/or rotated must show the point of tip or rotation, angle, dimensions.

11. Any bad steel conditions (no draft, undercuts, vertical seal off, thin steel. etc.) must be thoroughly discussed at a preliminary stage with ST’s Engineering.

12. ST Climate Control Engineering will decide if part design change(s) are required to improve injection molding condition. Suggestions by the mold maker in china are welcome and would be appreciated, but finally, any changes must be approved by the customer.