You can find us to make a plastic mold in China.

Dongguan Sincere Tech Co., Ltd is a mold making China Company offer one-stop service from part design, prototype, injection mold design, and mold manufacturing, precision plastic injection molding and value-added services.

We offer plastic mold making for various parts, hot runner system plastic mold making, rapid plastic mold making, MUD plastic mold making, large and precise plastic mold making.

We made more than hundreds of plastic molds and millions of plastic molding parts for global customers. Normally we use plastic material in PP, PE, PS, NYLON or PC resin for plastic molding parts, we can produce various of materials, and we have a really good material supplier to provide us the best raw material and the best price.

We provide mold design, mold manufacturing and sale of precision plastic injection molds, precision plastic injection molding  services and other PPIM-related value-added services  in a one-stop service to global customers in Prototype Parts Mold, Electrical Mold, Sporting Equipment Mold, Plastic Toys Mold, Automotive plastic Mold, Household Plastic Mold, and other Industry Products Mold.

If you are looking for plastic mold maker in China to save cost for your but project, we are one of your best options, we are not only saving cost for you in plastic mold making and molding parts, but also high quality and fast lead time, we can make the first sample fast in 15 days.