If you have specific components to use in your final product, you may rely on contract custom injection mold manufacturer services to provide specific plastic parts or modules. In some cases, these arrangements are beneficial to manufacturers, while providing businesses with precision engineering components that meet high standards.

However, in some cases, it may be necessary to terminate the contract because the manufacturer is found to be unreliable. If a manufacturer fails or fails to meet its promises, delays in delivery at the factory, delays in delivery, substandard quality, or even unfortunate issues can leave your company in a hurry. If you need to find a new custom injection mold manufacturer, you need to check the following five characteristics to help you how to find a good Custom Injection Mold Manufacturercustom injection mold manufacturer

1. In-house engineer

Perhaps you have your own engineer, but work with a contract manufacturing company that has their own in-house engineer who can work with you to develop or improve a prototype for each component you need is always the best. These experts can suggest alternative manufacturing methods and provide design support to provide high-quality products every time. It is also invaluable when troubleshooting problems during production, minimizing downtime, and ensuring that production runs are never delayed more than necessary.

2. Various manufacturing technologies including custom injection molds

Perhaps your company needs plastic molded parts for your current project, but can the same manufacturer that currently provides those parts also produce the thermoset plastic or structural foam parts you need next year? ? Although you can work with five different suppliers under five different contracts, it is easier and more cost-effective to get as many plastic parts as possible manufactured by the same company.

3. 24-hour manufacturing capacity

In a perfect world, you never rush to work or need additional shifts to meet product demand, but this is not a perfect world. Custom injection molders need to be able to perform three full shifts on a regular basis when urgent work is needed or when an unexpected number of orders need to be processed. If the current manufacturing company operates only one shift, what can they do if they need more components in less time?

4. Stellar customer service

The manufacture of thermoplastics is not an industry known for its outstanding customer service support, but it can result in unanswered calls, lost messages, or other things that can slow down production and cause problems through misunderstanding, that does not mean you need to put up with the inconvenience. Please contact the customer service department before contracting with a new custom injection mold supplier. Did they answer the phone in a timely manner? Have they been able to answer your questions or lead you to the right person to get the answer? Were they personal and comfortable?

5. Multiple facilities

If custom injection mold suppliers have had work-related accidents, fires, or other problems that require facility closure, they don’t want to think about what will happen, but it can happen. The impact on your own production can be serious and expensive. However, if your manufacturing facility has another facility, you can continue to provide the necessary components by using the second facility to add shifts.

If you find a custom injection mold production company that meets all of the above criteria, the company will find that your plastic parts needs are always met with best practices and excellent support.