Sincere Tech is a professional Mold Maker in China for export to various countries. We are a mold maker in China that knows exactly the requirement of molds for export as we have been shipping almost 20 molds a month to our customer. We fully understand both DME and Hasco Mold making standard so whether you are in the US or in Europe, we know how to build your molds.

As a mold maker in China, we compete not mainly on pricing, instead, we compete on other added values that we can provide to our customer such as :

On-time delivery of the mold.
Mold evaluation before production to make sure we get the lowest mold cost
Providing good service by being responsive to every inquiry from the customers.
Providing good quality by making sure our molds meet the specification and meet the guaranteed shot cycle.

Giving suggestion on un-reasonable product design so that when the mold is built, there will be no modification issues to save time and cost.

As a mold maker in China, MSC is aware that pricing is very competitive, but as we mentioned, we do not just compete with price, we compete with the overall package including quality and service to our customer. We do not want to be like other mold makers that promised a lot but cannot deliver. MSC as mold maker in China has proven so many time to its customers that it can provide good quality molds but at a very reasonable pricing, we have proven a lot to our different customers that MSC put quality and service as its number one priority but at the same time we also manage to provide competitive pricing but having a good management system.

As a mold maker in China, there are many challenges that MSC has to face :
the challenge from another supplier as there numerous suppliers bigger and stronger than us, but we are never intimidated as we strongly believe in our capabilities.

The challenge from the overseas perception that mold maker in China does not produce good molds, but we have proven so many times to our customers and it has been very evident as our customers keep on repeating order of new tools from us.

The challenge of getting trust from new customers since we are just one of the millions of supplier as a mold maker in China, but due to our good client references and due to our good facilities, this challenge has been overtaken.
Being a mold maker in China, we are also very aware of our responsibilities to our customers, we are not just making molds, we are making something happen in the future that highly depends on our initial manufacturing of the molds, we know how important is our role so we always consider our work as very important and we always put 100% emphasis on quality, service, and reliability. We, at Sincere Tech, strongly believe that even though the competition is tight, even though the industry is facing a lot of challenges…. As a mold maker in China, we can healthily compete and we can definitely satisfy our customer!