1.1.1 Relieve parting surface .010” min. outside runner and insert area.

1.1.2 All slides are to be retained appropriately to prevent misalignment and damage.

1.1.3 All plastic mold plates must be dowelled including clamp plates, ejector pin retainer plate, and ejector housing rails.

1.1.4 All outside edges of plastic mold must be broken with a minimum of 1/16″ chamfer or radius.

1.1.5 The locating ring must be installed to restrict the sprue bushing from pushing back and to assure no “undercut” areas where plastic could be trapped between the mold base and the locating ring.  If the nozzle enters more than 1.5″ into the mold base, the ID of locating ring must be 4″ minimum.  Use ¾” spherical radius unless otherwise stated.

1.1.6 The plastic mold china will be designed to fit injection molding presses called out in the MSC Injection Mold China Quoting Specification Guide.  See attached drawing for machine platen dimensions.

1.1.7 Notch all corners of dowelled plates, manifold plate, and parting line plates 1/4″ deep for pry bar slots.

1.1.8 Include jack out screw holes on all pocketed and/or removable inserts and mold components.

1.1.9 All  plastic molds china shall be identified on (2) plaques, each with the following information, to be affixed to each side of the mold:

  • Tool Number –
  • Part Description –
  • Part Number –
  • Built By –
  • Shrink Rate Used –
  • Length X Width –
  • Shut Height –
  • Weight –
  • Maximum Daylight(stack molds)