To make high-quality custom plastic mold, the mold tooling equipment is very important, with perfect mould design, and manufacturing technology, the next to make the precision plastic mold is precision machines. On the other hand, if the machines are very precise, but we do not care about the operation and process of the machining, we can not get the correct dimensions that we want.
Below is our manufacturing procedure to make high-quality molds

  • we use a new Taiwanese CNC machine to approach a 1000mm length part with the tolerance ﹢/- 0.06mm. But many plastic mold company they can not realize this precision. It is because of the operation and process.
  • We always think that the grinding machines are suitable for the plate surface finishing, but if you know the process of the grinding machines, a flat grinding machine can also realize the curve shape or some narrow channel’s grinding.
  • All the components in the mold, they are made by different kinds of the machining process, for example, the round parts, the best way should be made by lathe machine and then round grinding machining. You can not use high-speed milling machines to get the same result. This we call it the components machining process. It is talked about to choose which type of machining, which machining is in the beginning and which is later. It also talks about which critical points we need to take care, some time is workshop temperature, some time is a force from inside of the steel (metal)…

So when you buy custom molds from a mold making China company, please check their machining capacity, the machining capacity is combined with machining management, machining process knowledge, How to buy custom moulds from a China mold company? Please click below our equipment

Below is Plastic Injection Tooling Equipment for our China custom plastic mold manufacturing.

Fitting MachineHMG-120M1
CMM MachinesSEREIN-Croma81061
EDM MachineMaxedm-MP-502
EDM MachineWINTOP-MP-501
EDM MachineTOPEDM DE-4301
EDM MachineTOPEDM DE-502
EDM MachineTOPEDM DE-751
CNC Wire Cutting MachinesWEIYAO-AY401
CNC Wire Cutting MachinesWEIYAO-AY601
CNC MacchinesJTGK_600C1
CNC MacchinesJTGK_600E1
CNC MacchinesWintop V_8551
CNC MacchinesWintop V_10661
CNC MacchinesWintop V_9001
CNC MacchinesVMC_15801
CNC MacchinesFANUC A-D14MIA1
Grinding MachineXL_618S4
Laser Engraving machineHOLD1
Milling machineXingli4
Milling machineMeehanie1
Lathe MachinesC6132A1


Below is injection molding machines for injection molding service

Machine TypeMachine brandQuantity
Injection machineHAITIAN 90T2
Injection machineHAITIAN 120T6
Injection machineHAITIAN 150T6
Injection machineHAITIAN  200T3
Injection machineHAITIAN  250T2
Injection machineHAITIAN 300T1
Injection machineHAITIAN  380T1
Injection machineHAITIAN 500T1
Injection machineSumitomo 180T2
Injection machineSumitomo 220T1
Injection machineSumitomo 650T1
Injection machineMitsubishi 850T1
Injection machineJSW J2000E C51
Two color Injection MoldingmachineHWA CHIN 220T1
Double  Injection Molding machineHWA CHIN 300T2