Company type: China plastic injection molding, China rapid prototyping company

China injection molding company service range: Automotive parts, Computer spare parts, Medical/Optical/Dental, Telecommunications, etc.,

Key Specifications/Special Features of FTA:

Commerce Department recently reported the State Council officially approved the establishment of China free trade test area. Test area covering Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Waigaoqiao Bonded Logistics Park, the Yangshan Bonded Port and Shanghai Pudong Airport Free Trade Zone and other four customs supervision, a total area of ​​28.78 square kilometers.
So china injection molding company have to grasp this opportunity and use of the country to offer this opportunity, conditions can make the extension of the business, to promote development, there is the extension of the rapid development of the business can be.
FTA test area with the establishment of foreign-invested enterprises outside the region What is the difference of china injection molding company
1. pilot test area of the company’s registered capital subscribed conditional registration system, in addition to the provisions of the companies, the remaining trial subscription system is no longer registered paid-up capital, nor submit verification report.
2. conditional pilot test area,” according to the first postcard” registration system . Obtain a business license to engage in production and business activities generally; application to engage in other licensed operations, it shall obtain a business license and permit or approval documents before engaging in business activities
3. pilot test area corporate annual inspection system to a corporate annual report public system.
4. abnormal test area to establish business directory system. According to the specified deadline will be publicized through the annual report or registered residence ( place of business ) can not be contacted, and other enterprises operating anomalies directory loading and credit information through the public market subject to the public notice system.
5. test area try out a new style of business license.
6. Trial Foreign Investment Negative List entry filing system . Particularly on foreign investment access list management measures ( negative list ) areas outside the test area FIEs or its authorized departments of Commerce filed an application for registration to the registration authority.
7. foreign-invested advertising enterprise trial filing system . Test area for newly established foreign-invested advertising enterprises or foreign-invested enterprises for increasing advertising operations, cancel the qualification of investors, advertising business performance conditions, cancellation of years of investment have formed and operational requirements.