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Quality is a top priority at Mold Sourcing China. Highly trained technicians using state-of-the-art software and equipment build the finest quality tools. Detailed inspection throughout the mold manufacturing process ensures accuracy. Inspection processes using a Coordinate measure machine and/or video microscope. Focused on working with your Engineering staff, critical features from the part print are transferred to the mold design and inspected. Inspection reports are supplied to customers within the mold manual supplied with all China mold. All of china molds are built to SPI standards using only the finest steels and components available. Implementing assistance in mold start-ups have led to Mold Sourcing China and our customer’s continued success.

Being an innovative industry leader for 15 years, Mold Sourcing China the challenges of our customer’s product design concepts. With insights that broaden your options, we eliminate design changes that can reduce production costs. All mold designs are created on ProEngineer software. SolidWorks and AutoCad is used to translate customer files during the mold design phase. Because of our strong commitment to R&D, supplying mold designs to the customer with an approval form prior to the mold manufacturing, is stand operating procedure. We value and insist upon the customer’s input on every project. The management team remains involved in every aspect of the mold design and mold  manufacturing  process, ensuring all is accomplish within the customer’s timeframe.

With this capability we have learned through experience how to control the mold quality:

Engineering Control:

1.Feasibility study is necessary before mold design.

2.There is a pre-design meeting among manufacture team, project team and engineering team, synthesize all the suggestions and work out the best solution for the project.

3.All the mold design must be approved by business manager and project manager, who have profound experience in mould making and injection molding industry.

4.The mold design will be presented and fully communicated with customer to secure customer’s final approval.

5.There is different technical handbook for each customer, all the designed concept must fully according to customer standard.

Manufacturing Control:

1.Project engineer will transmit customer’s requirement to design and mold manufacturing department, monitor the whole procedures, collecting all real-time information and feedback to customer.

2.Project engineer offers professional suggestion to design department, take part in design process, enhances efficiency and quality.

3.Mold manufacture department will work out technology chart, arranged facilities and workforce to implement. Workshop manager will supervise the whole process, offer weekly report to manage department, guarantee lead time and quality.

4.All the components will be self-check on time, avoid defective products flow into next procedure.

5.Hire stable component vendor, train them to guarantee the quality.

6.Project engineer and workshop manager together will patrol the workshop two hours a day, foresee the problem and work out best solution on time.

Time Control:

1.Working out a reasonable schedule according to factory concurrent capability.

2.If the process is out of schedule, the responsible person will take immediate meeting and action to correct it.

3.Any information from customer must be responded within 24 hours.

Quality Control:

1.Feasibility studying is necessary.

2.Fully communicate with customer, fully understand customer requirement.

3.Senior project engineer take part in whole design process, guarantee designed quality and efficiency.

4.Strict self-check and QC inspect system.

5.Trial-produce and strict inspection before shipment of mould.

Cost Control:

1.Optimized solution to save cost for customers according to actual demand.

2.Adopt advanced ERP system, minimize the overhead expenses and increase unit time output.

3.Offer training class for technicians, continue to improve working skill, reduce fraction defective.

4.Enhance the supply chain and monitor the material price timely, assist qualified vendors to grow up together.

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