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■ Expert review of your concept drawings, mold design, or CAD drawing
■ Recommendations for improvement to ensure the design works before production
■ A great value with the benefits of high quality and superior 3D mold design

The Mold Sourcing China team of project managers, operators and staff members all take responsibility for providing quality manufacturing for our customers. Mold Sourcing China’s tagline is “We Manufacture Value.” The we in that statement is highly emphasized at Mold Sourcing China as it takes a complete team effort to manufacture the molds and products that we provide. As a team, we can manufacture your plastic mold and product and ensure quality in our mold manufacturing before we finalize the project. Our value may add to your initial project cost in comparison to our competitors, but we can ensure you that every step of the process, you will be taken care of, your product will be top of the line and your product will be a better value when you factor in the benefits of quality and superior design. At Mold Sourcing China we design for manufacturability.

Designing for manufacturability allows Mold Sourcing China to provide you a high quality experience in the manufacturing process from initial mold design reviews to delivery. We make it our goal to ensure the best cost, quality, value and industry standards that you need for your final product. Whether you require a custom plastic injection molding product or need manufacturing with our precision CNC machining services, Mold Sourcing China will provide you with a quote that includes mold design for manufacturability as a benefit included in the cost.

The first step of mold design for manufacturability is a review of your concept drawing, design or CAD drawing. After we have gained your partnership we begin the process of mold design for manufacturability by analyzing your product design further. We may provide advice and recommendations for improvement based on our extensive and varied manufacturing experience to ensure the mold design works long before production.

Since 1997, Mold Sourcing China have been manufacturing value with mold design for manufacturability built into our process. Our operators, project managers, sales team and other staff have years of experience working in all areas of the industry from custom plastic injection molding to precision CNC machining. Mold Sourcing China’s knowledge base and expertise sets us apart from our competitors.

We apply the fundamentals of mold design for manufacturability in all aspect of our business. Quality mold design with manufacturing value in mind is not just included in the mold manufacturing we do, but also with our precision CNC machining services. The early involvement of our project managers and operations staff ensures that your project and design will be analyzed from all aspects of the project before production begins. We offer you quality services and expertise that is needed from the initial interaction with our Mold Sourcing China team. We are readily available to offer expertise from our team to yours to lower your overall costs, provide a high quality product at any volume that you may need.

Contact us or request a quote today from Mold Sourcing China for custom plastic injection molding or precision CNC machining. Our dedicated project managers, operators and mold specialists look forward to partnering with you to make your mold design needs a reality.

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