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Medical Mold China, Medical Plastic Mould

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Medical Mold China, Medical Plastic Mould

We can do medical mold as follow:

Medical Cap Mold / Medical Preform Mold / Medical Syringe Mold / Medical Infusion Sets Mold / Medical Thin Wall Mold / Medical Centrifuge Tube Mold / Medical Appliance Mold

Supply:medical cap mold and medical cap mould. We can produce at most 72 cavities medical cap mold. We could supply mold with cold runner and hot runner according to customers’ requirement.

We manufactured to very high standards with corrosion-resistant steel plates and optimized for medical preform production, MSC molds have a long service life before refurbishing becomes necessary.

Medical preform mold design guarantees fast and easy servicing and maintenance. MSC molds are very operator-friendly. Regular maintenance work can be carried out directly at the machine with minimum time inputs. The forming parts are easy to exchange and enable production of different preforms from the same mold.  Hardened mold parts with deeply engaging tapers support the lifetime of the mold and minimize maintenance.

Medical syringe mold making.
Manufacturing process control.
Mold flow analysis service available!
Reverse engineering.
Customer molding & assembly.
Cold runner mold and hot runner mold (Husky, MoldMaster, Incoe, Masterflow, LKM, Yudo systemetc)

medical infusion sets mold,infusion sets flow regulator mold,medical infusion sets air inlet cap mold .

We can produce the 0.4mm — 0.6mm medical thin wall mold pp.

Medical Mold China, Medical Plastic Mould

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