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Hydraulics and Electrical for plastic mold china

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Hydraulics and Electrical for plastic mold china

All Hydraulic cylinders to be Parker or Miller brand.

Allen Bradley limit switches (802T) or proximity switches (871-BH5N18-R3) are to be used for core set, core pull, and ejector position when mold mounted cylinders are being used.


If plastic mold mounted ejector cylinders are used with a stack mold, a hydraulic flow divider must be used to actuate ejector plates simultaneously and to prevent binding. Use one Delta model P23 flow divider with each ejector box.

The Hydraulic fittings should be Hansen Mfg. C. Type HK, #3-K21 with 3/8” female pipe thread.

Hydraulic connection points must be easily accessible on the plastic mold’s non operator side and must be labeled “Ejector Forward”, “Ejector Retract”, “Core Set”, or Core Pull”.

Provide removable “feet” under mold to allow fully assembled mold to sit level on floor without causing damage to water, electric and hydraulic lines.


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