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Auto plastic mold china setup
1. Determine resin requirements & availability; clean hopper, magnet , loader ;load resin ; start dryer if required.
2. Locate proper KO bars –all having equal length.
3. Prepare platens &mold using stone and mineral spirits.
4. Select eyebolt hole which yields a level hang/lift.
5. Do NOT stand below hanging mold; avoid hitting tie bars when lowering mold into place.
6. Line up locating rings; slowly close mold.
7. Level Auto injection plastic mold china of not already and clamp to fixed platen.
8. Open moving platen(w/hoist still attached / supporting mold );install KO bars. If Kos are acting as pullbacks: tighten bars making certain china mold supplier bottom out against the ejector plate in mold
9. Close platen; clamp mold to moving platen; remove safety straps; unhook hoist.
10. Open Auto plastic mold china to desired daylight; set slowdown switches with certainty that banging the mold will not occur; fine tune the final switch positions by repetitive small adjustments, observations and readjustment.
11. Secure Kos to ejector plate of press ; set stroke.
12. Connect all required power-hyd , electric, pneumatic.
13. Make sure powered functions are functional; run electrical heaters just long enough to prove functionality avoiding excessive heat buildup before water is connected.
14. Connect water lines using an acceptable number of loops /jumpers ;locate lines clear of any interference , avoid having all “INS” on the same side.
15. Recheck fittings for proper connection ; turn water on; (heaters should be off ); look for leaks .
Process setup (if unknown)
16. Set barrel profile per resin supplier’s recommended mid-range (same logic for mold temp).
17. Estimate the shot size and set machine for approximately 2/3 of the mold’s full shot. Set decompression stroke. Set a position transfer point (if machine is so equipped ) approximately one inch from bottom.
18. Estimate & set second stage time; set second stage pressure at zero.
19. Set 1 st stage pressure at 50% for starters (this may ultimately be set at 100%- assuming Decoupled Molding).
20. Set velocity to maximum.
21. Estimate and set cooling time.
22. Set back pressure at 50 psi.
23. Refer also to Hot runner Start-up procedure if applicable.
Auto injection plastic mold start –up
24. Purge barrel free of degraded resin.
25. Set machine for semi-auto ; start cycle; observe screw.
26. Adjust velocity and /or pressure as needed ;if the fill was fast and short as estimated, the pressure can be increased. The fill pressure should be set high enough so the fill speed is not pressure limited ,but controlled by velocity setpoints. If fast or dieseling occur, slow the velocity.
27. After observing each cycle, the shot size and transfer point will be adjusted frequently to set the process so that the first stage accomplishes 95-98% of the fill as measured by shot weight .
28. Once the first stage shot size, transfer , velocity and pressure are set, we can set 2 nd stage packing pressure.
29. Adjust pack pressure as needed , but do not overpack.
30. Recheck cushion; some cushion should be maintained.
31. Set screw rpm so recovery is completed just prior to next cycle ,but not limiting cycle time .
Process documentation:
32. Record all basic machines setpoints on the setup sheet.
33. Note the transfer time (fill time )and weight .
34. Note the ejection: multiple, push only, push /pull, etc .
35. Total shot weight , part weight, part weight , % runner ,etc.

Important note : when using decoupled molding (see also pages discussing this technique): considerable skill and specific mold and machine knowledge is required when setting pressures near maximum . set pressures in accordance with consideration for mold damage in the event some parts do not shoot due to gate blockage and remaining cavities actually see the elevated 1st stage pressure .

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