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Automotive molding (car body molding) are decorative and protective moldings on the car body. The term applies both to the detail and the material. Auto inejction molder china. Auto moldings include side body molding, lower body molding, door moldings, window moldings, footrest molding, etc. Various car moldings must have high scratch resistance, weather resistance and gloss matching that of the car body. A common material which provides these is polyvinyl chloride.

The condition of auto mold material Auto industry is a representative of a national industrial level, and automotive mold industry is the basis of automobile industry processing. Automobile manufacture has the characters of fast-paced, high efficiency, so it requires that the mold must ensure parts of the die size is stable, reliable, and also meet the requirements of life. Otherwise, if a set of sub-module has some problems on punching production line, it may cause the entire production line stop working. So it requires that die design to be reasonable, die steel we choose must meet the technical indicators.

Some car parts not only have large size, but also complicated shape, which make heat treatment of mold be very difficult, such as stamping mold need to have a hardened treatment and a big capacity Vacuum Furnace quenching. In addition to steel metallurgical factory, the general professional heat treatment enterprises do not have this equipment. In addition, the large size engineering plastics parts of mold cavity and core which automobile used, also exist this problem, so some large-scale Die hardware mostly use inlay structure to resolve .

At present, many steel companies produce mold steel in china, some brand steel such as cold-worked steel Cr12Mo1V1 of the Great Wall Steel Factory, mold steel 3Cr2NiMo of Fushun Special Steel Factory, hot-worked steel 4Cr5MoSiV1 of Daye Steel Factory. Although some domestic steel factories accept all kinds of foreign steel orders, the kind of domestic mold steel market is not complete. Take the auto mold steel as an example, we should smelt and forge 6Cr5NiMoV flame hardened steel to resolve the problem which is difficult to quench by large-scale mold, the hardness of this steel is 290 ~ 320 HB. For stamping dies, after heating up to 900 ¡æ by neutral flame in work surface, then cool down by air, its hardness up to 60 HRC, hard-layer 3 ~ 4 mm. This kind of steel is also used to make mold core and cavity for large-scale Plastic Mold. We can use flame-hardened technology if you want to increase the hardness.

Auto mold fair The 12th China International mold technology and equipment exhibition had hold in May 12, 2008 in Shanghai New International Export Center which is the largest scale in Asia. It’s about thirty thousand square meters, and many molds were showed home and abroad. Italy mold companies showed their Europe mold manufacturing technology that was the first time in Asia. World-level auto mold enterprises-General Mold Company, Korean mold companies had showed the advanced manufacturing technology of punching continuous mold, casting mold, plastic mold.

The 12th China International Mold Exhibition will hold several high-level conferences and forums in 2008 continually, it will be more connotative, content, Multidimensional, comprehensive and colorful. Portugal, Malaysia, Korean, Philippines, Iran will attend this exhibition.

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